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It's wild, it's crazy, it's the Chicago Knockers Ladies Mudwrestling Show, the most popular variety grandstand act of the 1980's and at the top of a craze that swept the nation.  With over 700 dates at county fairs and more than 2000 at festivals, arenas, clubs and even Madison Square Garden, this family oriented ticket selling phenomenon  proved itself to be a legitimate alternative to more traditional shows of its time.
Times are different today, but the appeal of the Knockers is just as strong now and the perfect diversion in today's troubled times.  The celebrity match, which pitches a local DJ, mayor, sheriff, sports or TV star against the Knockers, is a comedic climax to 90 minutes of pure entertainment and provides fabulous marketing opportunities.
The Chicago Knockers are available for shows internationally and come complete with eight beautiful girls, an MC and all necessary equipment. Priced to allow for $15 or less net ticket pricing.
For Booking information 847-940-0030 or chicagoknockers@gmail.com
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